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Sommerkaffe fra Etiopia
Sommerkaffe fra Etiopia

Sommerkaffe fra Etiopia

Mukasa sommerkaffe er en Etiopisk single-estate microlot kaffe. Fløyelsmyk fruktighet med ren sødme. Tydelige smaksnoter av søte jordbær og innslag av tropiske frukter. Mørk sjokolade i avslutningen. Vi har begrenset mengde av denne helt unike kaffen på lager.


Jordbær | Mørk sjokolade | Topisk frukt 

– Høyde: 1900 moh.
– Prosess: Bærtørket / natural
– Bønnetype: 100% Heirloom, Arabica
– Innhold: 250 gram

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Nebso Abadega, Bashasha Smallholder Selection

This coffee is from farmers in Bashasha, a small town in the Agaro Zone of Western Ethiopia.

Agaro may be best known for producing some of the most well-known cooperative coffees of the past decade via the Duromina, Biftu Gudina, Yukro, and Hunda Oli cooperatives, but we’re excited to offer coffee from these individual farmers to let you discover new and exciting flavors. The Bashasha coffees have demonstrated the delicate florals and crystal-clear acidity that Agaro (and now Bashasha) are best known for.

Nebso Abadega is a former member of the well-known Duromina cooperative. Thanks to the new laws, he can export his coffee independently on the cooperative, garnering more money for his efforts.

Not only are we excited to be offering Nebso Abadegas fantastic coffee, but we’re also thrilled to announce that a portion of the profit from this coffee’s sales will go to help increase education and lifelong health for girls in Ethiopia through our importers partnership with the Girls Gotta Run Foundation.

GGRF offers girls and their families an alternative to early marriage by providing athletic scholarships paired with a holistic, life-scale approach for vulnerable girls ages 11 to 18. Each scholarship helps a girl attend secondary school for a year. It also provides healthcare for her and her mother as well as meals, schoolbooks, tutoring and access to sanitary facilities. The program helps girls acquire important life skills such as family planning, financial literacy, nutrition, healthy relationships and more.