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Kaffe fra Etiopia
Kaffe fra Etiopia

Etiopia Qore Kochere

Våtforedlet kaffe fra vaskestasjonen Qore oppleves som myk, delikat og juicy. Søte smaksnoter av steinfrukt, tørket frukt og honningblomst. Kaffen passer de fleste bryggemetoder, men kommer virkelig til sin rett på filter og håndbrygging.


Steinfrukt | Honningblomst | Sweet | Tørket frukt

– Høyde: 2100 moh.
– Prosess: Våtforedlet / fully washed
– Bønnetype: 100% Heirloom, Arabica
– Innhold: 1 kilo

Kaffen er ikke tilsatt smak


kr 299.00

Ferskbrent | Sporbar | Rettferdig

Qore washing station – Israel Degfa

This coffee is from a privately owned communal wet mill in Kochere (in the Gedeo zone that also includes Yirgacheffe), called “Qore”, named after the kebele where it is located. The washing station is owned by Israel Degfa. Qore means “sharp”, as in sharp as a knife or sharp spikes on plants.

They collect cherries from various smallholders in the area which they process as Washed, Naturals or Honeys. The cherries can come from kilometers away in well known areas such as Biloya. Besides producing stand-out coffees they are certified UTZ and Rainforest Alliance. The farmers delivering cherries are registered and entitled to second payments and premiums, plus they have access to training programs on composting, pruning and mulching and other topics focused on increasing quality and yield.

The washing station drilled for ground water which is used in the coffee production and by households in the local community.

The altitude is high and the climate chilly. Qore manage traditional wet fermentation, grading in channels by water and drying on raised beds, resulting in a unique character in their coffee.